22 feb. 2012

Carl Cox - Cloudcast Global 466

Para variar un poco, les dejo el cloudcast que cada tanto saca el Sr. Carl Cox:


All Damn Day
By Oliver Moldan
1 Bcvn - 2012 Edit
By Mr Henry Von
2 Shaka Mambza
By Revilo-D
3 Hustlin
By Dale Anderson
4 Sympathy For The Devil
By The Rolling Stones Vs Mr Henry Von
5 Titan - Arjun Vagale Remix
By James Dutton
6 D - Jungle Freak
By Revilo
7 Go Down On Your Feat. Rosa Rough
By Douglas Greed
8 I Need Your Love (Rhodes Mix)
By Nico Lahs
9 Unknown
By Esuro
10 KrautpolkaBuy
By Douglas Greed
11 Slightly Disturbed - Sandwell District Remix
By Darko Esser
12 Blueprint Feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner & ThalstroemBuy
By Till Von Sein
13 Someone To LoveBuy
By Adam Port
14 VictoryBuy
By * Roberto Clementi
15 Changing Cities EpBuy
By Anonym
16 Bring U Up (Deetron Edit)Buy
By Romananthony
17 Poem
By Clio
18 SceneBuy
By Gel Abril And Andrea Oliva
19 CroqueBuy
By Deetron
20 Picnic ElectroniqueBuy
By Marc Romboy Vs Rodriguez Jr
21 Live From Carnivale Warehouse Party, Toronto
By The Global Live Mix (30 Mins)